On Wire’s “The Black Session – Paris, 10 May, 2011”

In yesterday’s rave about Change Becomes Us,Wire’s excellent brand new album of songs that actually had a prior life on the 1981 Documentary and Eyewitness album, we referenced the release, earlier this year, of a live album but didn’t say much about it.  The Black Session — Paris, 10 May, 2011 would, in another year, be cause for celebration in and of itself.  That it comes out the same season as Wire’s excellent studio album, it may well be overlooked by anyone who isn’t a Wire completist.  (And now that we’ve registered for the forums on the Pinkflag.com website, allow us to observe that there are a lot of people out there, we now know, who make our Wire obsession seem moderate.)

Recorded with Wire as a four-piece, with Matt Simms having by early 2011 joined the band on guitar, it is genuinely fine live album.  Colin Newman sings in fine form, with the courage to navigate “Map Ref. 41degrees N, 93degrees W,” which is not easy to do live, as a man in his mid-50s! With a decent balance of songs from late and early Wire, this is an album well worth picking up.  Moments after you download Change Becomes Us.

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