The Tulip Frenzy Is Here

It’s the most. Wonderful time. Of the year.

So it’s a little bit of an odd Tulip Frenzy.  Because it has been so cold, and then suddenly we hit 90 degrees, the orderly, though delayed process of tulips emerging in DC seems to have been overly hastened along.  So tulips went from heavy bulbs to post-peak in the span of a single day.  Colors are muted.  And just as there are always funny stories when a baby boom follows nine months after a big snowstorm, we can’t help but notice that there seem to have been fewer bulbs planted in Our Nation’s Capital last fall.  Hmm, autumn of a presidential year.

We will report back in later in the day.  But this is an early taste of what D.C. is like on the namesake day for our blog.  Leica M, 50mm Noctilux, ND filter.  Yes, we had some fun processing it in LR4, sharpening the tulip in Nik’s output sharpener, and then fooling around in Color Efex 4.


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