Reviving The Bishop’s Garden


Leica Monochrom, 50mm Noctilux.

We read in the morning’s paper that the Bishop’s Garden at the National Cathedral apparently received a second insult, from which it is recovering.  It’s not enough that a rare earthquake, which two summers ago did so much damage to D.C. that the Washington Monument is today shrouded in what looks like a modernist condom — a spectacularly designed modernist condom, to be sure — but that earthquake also toppled spires on the National Cathedral, which led to unsightly cranes and scaffolding.  As it turns out, however, one of those cranes fell and damaged Washington’s essential urban garden, an area of respite from the busy city, a peaceful and beautiful space.

We take notice of this because we have made The Bishop’s Garden an area of photographic study, and intend on continuing to do so in the months ahead.  If you are interested in how beautiful a space it is, click the previous link, or stay tuned.  In any event, we are relieved to know it is on the mend.

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