Ty Segall Says “Dinner Tastes Better When You Record A Song”

In a fun interview in the The New York Times, Ty Segall answers the question, “Why have you been so prolific?”

The answer is fun.  “That’s just what I do. Half-needing to do it as an exercise of the mind, and half an exercise of a daily routine. That’s my job. When I was younger, it was more like: ‘I don’t know how long I’m going to be doing it for. I need to do as much as I can, because who knows when my luck will run out?’ It was more like a race, but now it’s different. It’s an exercise, therapy, my daily vitamins, my daily dose, and it’s kind of necessary for my brain. Dinner tastes better when you record a song. Just like when you work a hard day at a job, you know? Dinner’s going to taste better. It’s like any other routine. It’s good for your brain and your body.”

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