Next Week, At Long Frickin’ Last, First Communion Afterparty Release “Earth Heat Sound”

It has been a very long wait.  More than five years ago, First Communion Afterparty released Sorry For All The Mondays and to Those Who Can’t Sing, which was the best American neo-psychedelic album of the era, and one of the greatest albums this shuddering, heaving wreck of a land has erupted with since the Jefferson Airplane’s Bless Its Pointed Little Head.

Like every rock critter worth his salt, we counted the days until Earth Heat Sound, FCAP’s follow up, hit the stores.  We’ve been waiting since the fall of 2008, and in the meantime, the band went and broke up. Now, like the Count of Monte Cristo with scratch marks all over his prison walls, we can finally see the day when the album, recorded before their dissolution, finally gets released, for next Thursday, November 14th, First Communion Afterparty come out of retirement to release — we’d say posthumously, but if a band reforms for a show to celebrate the liberation of an album recorded before they broke up, what’s the word to describe it? Exhumously? — okay, we’ll use it.. To release exhumously the album we’ve been waiting for since 2008.

This past summer, we offered advice on how to survive the wait until Earth Heat Sound is finally frisbee tossed to the adoring fans at Turf Club.  The end is nigh.  All you have to do is sleep each night for the next 11 days, and the release date will be upon us.  At long frickin’ last.

Please tell us that, with the release party on a Thursday, the record will be available to us non-Minnesotans, shortly thereafter via iTunes or Amazon?

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