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Lamar Valley, Yellowstone, Sunset August Night

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Yes, there were wolves.  Leica M8, 28mm Elmarit

Is Lake of The Crags The Ultimate Mountain Lake?

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So obviously, Tulip Frenzy has been spending more time in the mountains than listening to bands like the Morning After Girls and The Brian Jonestown Massacre.  Lake of The Crags is about 10,000 feet up in Hanging Canyon, a relatively untraveled part of the Tetons.  Is this the coolest alpine lake of them all?  Leica M8, 50mm Sumilux.

Morning Moon Over Teewinot, With The Grand Peaking Out

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Morning in the Tetons, start of a long hike.  Leica M8, 28mm Elmarit.

Dandy Warhols Return to Earth, Sort Of

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It’s nice to have the Dandy Warhols put out an album you can listen to the whole way through, and “Earth To The Dandy Warhols” is something of a return to form, but what form would that be?  What was always so charming about the early albums was Courtney Taylor-Taylor-Taylor’s arch voice, the unique guitar sound, the hip, well, earthiness of their melodic songs of urban bohemia.  The new album, amusing again, in some cases pretty, still seems like a band caught in an orbit it can’t return from for fear of burning up in the Earth’s atmosphere.   I will listen to this album, I’ll even enjoy it, but when I think of the Dandy Warhols — that band who brightened the ’90s and seemed so fresh upon arrival — I’ll push the button on “Dandys Rule, Ok?”  File under disappointment.

Black Crows Play Jackson Hole, But The Moon Was Calling

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Didn’t Whiskeytown sing, “It calls out my name?”  

Moon over The Sleeping Indian, which would have aligned perfectly behind the stage of the Jackson Hole Music Festival.

Jackson Hole Music Festival’s Official Whoopee Cushion

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Leica M8, 35mm Summilux.

Wilco Plays Gorgeously As The Sun Goes Down In The Tetons

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Wilco was the headliner for the first day of the Jackson Hole Music Festival, and as paragliders drifted down from the top of Rendezvous Peak, smoke pouring theatrically from their shoes, the band, natch, played “Spiders(Kidsmoke).”  It was a glorious early evening in the Tetons.

Here, when Tweedy wore his LBJ Stetson, it seemed to make sense, the Sleeping Indian arrayed miles behind the stage.  “What do they call you people?  J-Holes?” he playfully asked the crowd.  But it was a different Jay the crowd was thinking of.  Since Son Volt is to play tomorrow, what were the odds of Tweedy and Jay Farrar playing together?  Based on the evidence, too high.  Maybe they’ll play together later tonight at the Mangy Moose.

For now, though, we had to settle for merely a great set, on a perfect evening where when the sun slipped down toward Idaho, the temperature drop was instantaneous.  Tweedy dedicated “California Stars” to Brian Wilson, who had played creditably in the slot before.  The songs off “Sky Blue Sky” were played note for note as they are on the record, but this is a band that can so well mix suppleness with power that such precision is a matter of honor, not rigidity.  “Walken,” “Hate It Here,” “Impossible Germany” all so great, you have to remember how the album was slagged by some when it came out — punishing Tweedy for going sober.  “Company on My Back” and “Handshake Drugs,” were sublime.  You get the sense that Tweedy is more relaxed having a virtuoso like Nels Cline throttle his guitar beside him.

It’s interesting.  One week ago, we went to Philadelphia to see Dylan and His Band at the Electric Factory, for the opportunity to see him play in an intimate setting.  We were looking forward to hearing the band in a club, not an arena, or even a minor league baseball park.  And of course, the sound system was terrible: if you weren’t dead center and fifty feet away, you may as well have been listening to a bootleg.  But here, outdoors, every note Wilco played reverberated clearly, and of course it would, in the alpine air.

Dedicated followers of Tulip Frenzy know that I have had some ambivalence about Wilco (  I admire them, but have detested the heroin chic of encouraging singalongs to the lyrics “there’s something in my veins, bloodier than blood.”  I find them riveting, though perhaps not exciting.  Ah, but tonight was something else. Slowly, surely, Wilco are winning me over, their greatness increasingly undeniable. Tonight they were magnificent.

The Morning After Girls Say “Hi”

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This washed in on the morning’s email tide…

thank you all for your patience. though our silence has been long, it has not gone unnoticed or without due cause. we have made a record we are very pleased with. 

further details will be available in the upcoming weeks-

for now, a small taste…please click here

Mountain Tsechu

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March 2007, above Punakha, Bhutan.  Leica M8, 35mm Summilux

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