the black ryder’s “Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride” Out In October

The Morning After Girls’ progeny the black ryder (lower case, like ee cummings) sent out an email this week announcing a first album out this October entitled By The Ticket, Take The Ride.  Importantly, they also have posted a song from it on their MySpace page (  All we can say is Wow.  “Burn and Ride” sounds like the glorious offspring of a marriage between Spacemen 3 and Luna, with Mazzy Star doing the officiating.

If, following Aimee Nash’s departure from The MAG, they went on to be a little too polished for their original fans, Ms. Nash gives us a reminder of what’s missing.

One Response to “the black ryder’s “Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride” Out In October”

  1. I’ve listened to the black ryder and can hear that Aimee is still finding herself vocally, but their first effort at a debut release from what I’ve heard of the single on myspace seems good, still though there is nothing that makes either black ryder or MAG this year stand out for me.

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