This Really Is Thomas Pynchon

Confirmed by an unimpeachable source.  Yeah, it’s him.

(And go ahead, read the book. Seriously, if you’ve ever been tempted to read Pynchon, but been intimidated because, after all, the guy knows everything about rocketry, astronomy, the history of World War II, the labor movement in Colorado mines circa 1900, how Mason and Dixon came to America, how Werner Von Braun came to America, alligators in the New York sewer system, what Ben Franklin smoked, how the Dutch invented ketchup, what song was on the BBC at 11:00 p.m. the night the first V2 rocket landed, the murder of Herero tribesmen in 1904, precisely where the woodbine twineth, which dogs really can talk, how a harmonica ended up going down a toilet in the US and ended up in London, how airships can travel underwater, which surf music bands from 1968 were best,etc. then this is the best introduction: a straightforward detective novel with a hippie Philip Marlowe.  A-and it’s so much fun…)

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