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SnagFilms Does It Again: PresentingThe Gits

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The Gits

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Fleshtones At 930

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We’re playing catchup, as the whole gang at Tulip Frenzy world HQ was given permission to go on their annual vacations.  However, on August 14th, the Fleshtones made a rare, rare, altogether too rare stop at Washington’s 930 Club, and they turned thee place upside down, inside out, and over the top.  Bringing “Hitsburg USA” to the capital o’ the USA was cool enough, but then there was the set.  Keith jumped down onto the packed floor and kicked his way through “Theme From The Vindicators,” and all the kids did the Gentleman’s Twist.  Peter Zaremba was resplendent in his sequined duds, kicking off with “Hard Lovin’ Man,”  and Bill Milhizer thundered like a one-man construction site. But the highlight of the show may have been when Kim Kane of D.C. legends The Slickee Boys took Keith’s axe and Ken Fox lifted some talented young kid up from out of the audience to play the bass for 1:30 of pure Powerstance rock.  Who was that kid?  Give him a contract!  And bring the greatest rock’n’roll band in America back, puh-leeeze.

The Most Beautiful Place In The World, August Division

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Leica M8.  For a slideshow you’ll enjoy click on the link below the photo.

(1 of 1)Jackson/Yellowstone

Pynchon Confirmed

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Yes, well, you, uh, read it here first:

Thomas Pynchon Revealed, Sez WSJ

For Those Who’ve Fallen for Pynchon’s Inherent Vice

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The Long Goodbye

This is the movie for you… Elliot Gould as Philip Marlowe, filmed by Robert Altman in 1973.  The Henry Gibson character seems perfect for the “laughing academy” head in Inherent Vice.

Did we mention it is the #1 all-time movie here at Tulip Frenzy World HQ?

Blur : Midlife

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There aren’t that many guitarists who qualify as geniuses, but Graham Coxon is one. When it came time for someone to put together a really intelligent Blur collection, lo and behold, it’s almost like they had showcasing Coxon in mind.  Granted, hard to do a Blur collection and avoid the guitarist, but thank Heaven whoever was in charge of this had the right sensibiity.  What a great band.

This Really Is Thomas Pynchon

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Confirmed by an unimpeachable source.  Yeah, it’s him.

(And go ahead, read the book. Seriously, if you’ve ever been tempted to read Pynchon, but been intimidated because, after all, the guy knows everything about rocketry, astronomy, the history of World War II, the labor movement in Colorado mines circa 1900, how Mason and Dixon came to America, how Werner Von Braun came to America, alligators in the New York sewer system, what Ben Franklin smoked, how the Dutch invented ketchup, what song was on the BBC at 11:00 p.m. the night the first V2 rocket landed, the murder of Herero tribesmen in 1904, precisely where the woodbine twineth, which dogs really can talk, how a harmonica ended up going down a toilet in the US and ended up in London, how airships can travel underwater, which surf music bands from 1968 were best,etc. then this is the best introduction: a straightforward detective novel with a hippie Philip Marlowe.  A-and it’s so much fun…)

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