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The Lion Door (Not The Lion D’Or)

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Leica M9, Noctilux f/0.95

Fleshtones Promote Physical Fitness At 930 Club

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America’s hardest working band brought Hitsburg, USA to the Nation’s Capital last night, playing at the 930 Club for the first time since it’s 30th Birthday party on Memorial Day.  They were opening for Southern Culture On The Skids, drawn to perform their boss folklore act to the home of the Smithsonian Institution, a city JFK famously said crossed Southern efficiency with Northern charm.

The spirit of JFK hung with us, as the ‘Tones high kicked their way through an all-too short, nonetheless exuberant set that witnessed everything from a salute to the Ramones, an incredible song we’ve never heard before about mean rats in the kitchen, to an instrumental cover of the Beatles’ “Day Tripper.” “Theme From The Vindicators” was played by Keith standing on a borrowed chair in the center of the club, and ultimately Peter triumphantly belted out the lyrics to “First Date (Are You Coming On To Me.”  Why JFK?  Well, growing up in Canada, Ken might have missed this, but surely Bill, Peter, and Keith are of an age to remember those Presidential Physical Fitness badges you had to earn back in the day — at least it would seem they remembered them as they got much of the crowd down on all fours during “Push Up Man.”

All we know is we got an unexpected work out, though as always, it was our cheek muscles that ached, for grinning like a goblin for an hour at a time is exhausting.  We left 9:30 with SCOTS “Voodoo Cadillac” stamped into our brain, marveling at how the Fleshtones can encourage mass mania, this time in support of physical fitness, 100+ shows each year, lo these many years.  Thanks, guys.  And we look forward to hearing the fruits of your labor in the studio with Lenny.

A 1000 Jack-o’-lanterns Seeking Ignition

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Leica M9, Noctilux f/0.95

Hans Chew’s “Tennessee And Other Stories”

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Our friends at Uncut sure know how to get a guy curious, what with describing the previously unknown (to us anyway) Hans Chew’s solo album Tennessee and Other Stories as something that could have been palmed off as a great lost album from 1970.  They larded it on a little thick, or so we thought, with comparisons to the Band and Nicky Hopkins.  But here’s the thing: they maybe understated.

Okay, not living in Brooklyn we’ve missed Hans’ shows with the late Jack Rose and with D. Charles Speer and the Helix.  Now that latter group may sound like the house band in Peenemunde, as V2 rockets magically arc and fall on London leaving gravity’s rainbow as a screaming comes across the sky. ‘Stead they’re a potent tea bag steeped in the primo brew of American moonshine, and one of their strengths is the way Chew radiates the 88, like Leon Russell in his heyday.

In fact, if there is a reference point that really nails what you’ll hear on Tennessee, it’s that original Leon Russell album, only instead of Clapton and Ringo sitting in, Chew’s sufficiently multidextrous as to be able to have recorded, from what we can tell, the whole thing mostly by himself.

A few weeks ago, we were stunned to hear Deer Tick’s amazing song “Mange,” which sounded like it had been marinating in a tin container since about the night of the Watergate break-in.  But Chew’s done something possibly more wondrous: he has rendered the sounds of Mad Delaney and the Dominos jamming with circa-Your Saving Grace Steve Miller and Little Feet as recognizable, and as classic, as all those old musicians Dylan tapped into on The Basement Tapes.  Professor Longhair jamming with the Stones as they record Beggars Banquet, breaking only for Nicky Hopkins to trade solos with Ry Cooder — you got it, and you better get it, Tennessee and Other Stories by Hans Chew.

The Air Gets Just A Little Crisper

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Leica M9, Noctilux 0.95 @f/0.95

We’ll Come Back For Indian Summer

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Leica M9, Noctilux 0.95 at f/2

In Search of Lost Time

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Leica M9, Nokton f/1.1

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