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On Why The Re-Released “Exile On Main Street” Won’t Be Tulip Frenzy’s Album Of The Year

Posted in Music with tags , , , , , , on November 29, 2010 by johnbuckley100

There’s no question that the remastered Exile On Main Street, with its incredible unearthing of songs long presumed buried in Villefranche-sur-Mer, was the album we most anticipated, and it’s possible that “Plundered My Soul” was the best song released by any band other than Chappo.  It may well have been the music event of 2010.  And with those new tracks, it could even qualify as a “new” album.

But two years ago, when Dylan’s magisterial Tell Tale Signs was released with a few “new” songs but mostly rearrangements of songs that had been released earlier, we were moved to declare it #1 on Tulip Frenzy’s Top Ten List for 2008.  After all, we reckoned, when the history of 2008 is written, the release of Tell Tale Signs will be considered its landmark musical achievement.  And yet, in so doing, we screwed others.  We specifically screwed Kelley Stoltz, whose Circular Sounds, but for Dylan’s re-release, would have captured the top slot, going away.

And so we take this stand: we won’t list Exile as 2010’s top album, because in actuality it was 1972’s top album, and would have been so designated then by Tulip Frenzy if the gang hadn’t been more concerned with, like, passing Algebra 1 than publishing a blog.  This will offer justice to those young pups who deserve to be known as the makers of the Tulip Frenzy #1 Top Album of 2010.  We know who they are.  They are, for the record, younger than Mick’n’Keith, who while not quite needing walkers, certainly don’t need any more accolades than they get already.

How Chappo’s “Come Home” Works Perfectly In An iPod Touch Ad

Posted in Music with tags , , on October 1, 2010 by johnbuckley100

Having your song chosen for an iPod ad is the musical equivalent of receiving Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket, because who among us can resist holding Shazam right up to the TV screen and then firing up iTunes? So it was last night when I heard Chappo’s “Come Home” for less than 30 seconds.  The song was then downloaded in seconds flat.

For the consumer, it takes a hard heart, or tin ear, not to perk up when some new artist is launched into your living room; iPod Touch or Nano ads regularly introduce us to pop confections we didn’t know we couldn’t live without until we heard them. “Come Home” fits in a great tradition (think of The Asteroids Galaxy Tour’s amazing “Around The Bend”): an artist with maybe just an EP to push, but a song with enough hooks to land Moby Dick. Chappo, from Brooklyn, sounds like what would happen if you melted down old Eno and Bowie records and gave the resulting goo in a silver goblet for Pop Levi to drink while Danger Mouse stood in the corner, laughing his ass off.

I used to think the best job in the world was being Target’s in-house musical programmer, for some of the most delectable pop music of the past decade has first been heard in one of their ads. But there’s no stopping the relentless iPod advertising gurus. Wolfman Jack or Cousin Brucie never had their power to break a band.

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