Tulip Frenzy’s #2 Best Album of 2012 Is A TIE Between Ty Segall and Ty Segall (and White Fence)!!!

Back in April, we grokked on the gloriousness of young Ty Segall and the eminent Tim Presley a.k.a. White Fence joining together to produce an album.  We thought Hair was an unqualified masterpiece, stating at the time, “Hearing the ruckus created by Segall’n’Presley on Hair, it’s clear that just walking into the studio together got these young’uns to throw their very hearts and souls against all four walls, no doubt to their neighbors’ consternation.  Does not play well with others is one of those black marks on a child’s life, but if anyone doubted what young Ty could amount to, just listen to this.  The squish of the fruit from his labor with the more experienced Mr. Presley is sonically fine,  more fun than a barrel of Fleshtones, taking the crunching guitar work Presley’s delivered in his previous incarnation and smashing it down upon Segall’s Brendan Benson pop inclinations, like what the Raconteurs would have sounded like had Jack White been into the Byrds and psychedelic drugs, not Zep and Delta blues.”

In June, The Ty Segall Band released an album that, while some folks went nuts over it, we thought was a little disjoint, a disappointment.  But in the fall, Segall came roaring back with “Twins,” an immensely fun return to solo status, Segall playing with just his imaginary friends in a band that existed only in his own mind!

As we noted, “On Twins, Ty Segall proves he has gone way beyond being simply a young tyro.  Yes, he plays all the instruments, and usually that’s self limiting, because few are the one-man bands that can actually swing, for it takes two to tango, and three to play drums, bass, and guitar with any kinda pogoing lilt.  And yet on this ‘un, Sir Ty may as well be Crazy Horse jamming with the Jeff Beck Group: Twins is rock’n’roll nirvana, and Nirvana-esque rock’n’roll — loud and catchy, fast and bulbous, jacked into the mainline SF psych scene circa Summer O’ Luv even as it pulls off a Pin Ups-quality homage to late ’60s Britrock, such as it was.  As is clear from the terrific profile of the young surfer from Laguna Beach, by way of Haight-Ashbury, Ty Segall doesn’t just have a future, the dude has caught his wave.  The jury at Tulip Frenzy has a big November crisis to face, and we don’t just mean where do we move if Mitt Romney wins?  The question we have to contend with is how many slots of the 2012 Tulip Frenzy Top Ten List will be taken up by albums on which Ty Segall plays?  Stay tuned.”

Well, we know how the election turned out, and the good news is we don’t have to leave the country.  Better news is that, after spirited debate, the gang at Tulip Frenzy decided not to try figuring out which of these two albums was better and we awarded the first tie in the history of the Tulip Frenzy Top Ten List ™.

3 Responses to “Tulip Frenzy’s #2 Best Album of 2012 Is A TIE Between Ty Segall and Ty Segall (and White Fence)!!!”

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