Cherry Blossom Time As En Plein Air Portrait Studio

All pictures Leica M-240 with 50mm APO-Summicron-Asph.  Click on picture for detailed viewing.

It’s Cherry Blossom Time in Washington, D.C. and everyone is enjoying the nice weather.


It’s a time for relaxation in the suddenly gorgeous spring, which given how consistently cold the winter was, provides immediate happiness.


But it’s also a time in which people come to the Mall to have their picture taken, and everyone is either posing for a picture…


taking a picture…


Or reviewing a picture.


The mass  phenomenon of people taking pictures of themselves is a byproduct of the Smartphone Revolution.


But everyone loves getting their picture taken during Cherry Blossom Time, even if it’s not by the person to whom they thought they’d given the assignment.

Dual Photographers

It can all be a bit much.  Until you see how happy it makes everyone.


One Response to “Cherry Blossom Time As En Plein Air Portrait Studio”

  1. […] in America buying a compact camera these days?  Last night, in what amounts to our first annual People Taking Pictures Of People Taking Pictures Of People Taking Pictures Of… Themselves, we saw a fair number of folks out with their Canons and Nikons and, interestingly, Fuji cameras. […]

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