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Joshua Tree: In God’s Country

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joshua-tree-5I don’t want to say that everything I knew about Joshua Tree National Park came from U2’s great 1987 album, or perhaps more specifically, from Anton Corbijn’s photo shoot with the band.  Yet I’d never seen an actual Joshua Tree, couldn’t tell a cholla cactus from a prickly pear, and had only once driven to the Palm Springs area.  But our son has recently gone off to college not too far away, and was drawn like a magnet to this incredible small unit of the National Park Service.  Easy to see why, once we got there.


We brought along our Leica M-240, not the Leica SL we used all summer for landscapes out West.  It was a delight to have a small, capable camera in our hands again.  And we loved taking it off the main road, though the cholla have spines so strong they can puncture a hiking shoe.


What follows is an assortment of images from a magical place we want to go back to, and will.  As the lyrics of the U2 song go, “Sleep comes like a drug/in God’s country.”  We look forward to camping out here.



Yes, Let’s Walk Down This Path

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Evening Walk TrailIt was a long day, what with the 11-hours in a car running an errand (don’t ask.)  But to be able to go for an after-dinner stroll more than made up for it.

Evening Walk With WaterThe sun hung in the sky as long as it could, and when it finally relented, it cast golden light on everything to the east.  Until finally, it came down behind the mountains, leaving a little bit of alpenglow on the peaks.

Evening Walk

All images Leica M-240, 50mm APO-Summicron-Asph



The Best Day Of The Year To Live In D.C. (#DCFunkParade)

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Funk Parade 2016

The Azalea Frenzy Beckons

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Azalea Frenzy 2016-4


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Tulip Frenzy 2016-3

Last Light Atop Sharon Mountain

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It’s probably time to take that Christmas wreath down, but winter’s hard in Northwest Connecticut. 5:15 PM, Friday, March 4th.  Leica M (top-240), 50mm APO-Summicon-Asph.

Sharon Mountain 1

Snow Out There

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And when we pull back the curtain…

Leica M, 50mm APO-Summicron-Asph.

Snow Out There 1

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