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Joshua Tree: In God’s Country

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joshua-tree-5I don’t want to say that everything I knew about Joshua Tree National Park came from U2’s great 1987 album, or perhaps more specifically, from Anton Corbijn’s photo shoot with the band.  Yet I’d never seen an actual Joshua Tree, couldn’t tell a cholla cactus from a prickly pear, and had only once driven to the Palm Springs area.  But our son has recently gone off to college not too far away, and was drawn like a magnet to this incredible small unit of the National Park Service.  Easy to see why, once we got there.


We brought along our Leica M-240, not the Leica SL we used all summer for landscapes out West.  It was a delight to have a small, capable camera in our hands again.  And we loved taking it off the main road, though the cholla have spines so strong they can puncture a hiking shoe.


What follows is an assortment of images from a magical place we want to go back to, and will.  As the lyrics of the U2 song go, “Sleep comes like a drug/in God’s country.”  We look forward to camping out here.



Aspens In Death Canyon

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It seems like most landscape photographers, from Ansel Adams to Henry Holdsworth, have their shots of aspen groves.  There is something about their uniformity, vulnerability, the fluttering leaves, the marks on the lower trunks that look like eyes, that hold photographers in thrall.  Most of these shots are in black and white, and in winter, to showcase the contrast between white and black.  And sometimes we see a grove of aspens in the summer, and it Is colorful, and we put the viewfinder to our eye. Leica M, 28mm Summicron, Death Canyon in Grand Teton National Park.


Wait, You Think The Tulip Frenzy Is This Weekend…

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Blossoms 2015

People Taking Pictures Of Themselves Taking Pictures Of People Taking Pictures

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Blossoms 2015i

All pictures taken by the Leica M and either the 28mm Summicron or 50mm APO-Summicron-Asph.

Since the advent of the iPhone, the Tidal Basin at Cherry Blossom time has taken on a frenzied atmosphere, as crowds press in to have their pictures taken, by others or themselves.

Blossoms 2015d

Even when beauties show up for their portraits, it’s hard to believe their friends can get a clean shot without several smartphones in the foreground.

Blossoms 2015g

Oh sure, there are faces that can be isolated from the crowd.

Blossoms 2015h

And sometimes it’s fun to see people posing amidst the blossom frenzy.

Blossoms 2015e

But the advent of Selfie Sticks is a pretty horrifying development, and if you note, even the toddler seems to be taking a selfie.

Blossoms 2015c

And then it seems the only way to stand out and have a memorable image taken is to mug for the camera — your own camera.

But as you can tell, it was a lovely night, and after a long winter and a late bloom, the blossoms this year are truly awesome.

Snow Is Only Good When You Pay For It

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My wife believes that snow is only great when you visit it, not the other way around.  We thought of that this morning, in solidarity with our friends in Boston.  It reminded us of how great snowshoeing in Jackson Hole can be — and how awful it is to be in a city digging, digging, digging out from blizzards.  Leica Monochrom, 28mm Summicron Asph, New Years Eve 2012.

Teton Monochrom 2012

Earthquake’s Offspring

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Yellowstone’s marvels can been quite shocking.  Leica Monochrom, 28mm Summicron. Click on the image for full effect.

Yellowstone Earthquake's Offspring

America The Beautiful (Authentic)

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At Yellowstone National Park. admirers of America’s beauty come from near and far. Leica Monochrom, 28mm Summicron.

Yellowstone Authentic

Physical Graffiti

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Speaking of Jimmy Page… Leica M, 28mm Summicron.

Physical Graffiti

Autumn Hydrangea Frenzy

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Great name for an Elephant 6 band.  Leica M, 28mm Summicron Asph.


Combing His Hair In The Rearview Mirror

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In the parking lot, small town, USA.  Not what we expected.  Leica M, 28mm Summicron (cropped.)


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