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The Tulip Frenzy, 2018

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Tulip Frenzy 18-6

All images Leica SL and Noctilux-M 75mm f/1.25 with 10X ND Filter

We missed the peak.  Which is what happens when you choose to go away for a week during the period when the Tulip Frenzy might emerge.  God, what a joy it is to see these friends, even if they are past their prime.

Tulip Frenzy 18-4

We can’t account for our love of tulips.  Maybe it’s because their advent signals spring in earnest.  The ephemeral appearance.  Their individuality. How they’re a metaphor for financial excess.  The joy they bring to all. Whatever it is, we’re glad they’re here.  Even as by next week they’ll be gone.

Tulip Frenzy 18-10

Tulip Frenzy 18-9

Tulip Frenzy 18-7

Tulip Frenzy 18-2Tulip Frenzy 18-3Tulip Frenzy 18-8

The Tulip Frenzy, 2017 Edition

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Washington had an unfortunate month of March, and we’re not just talking about the Trump Administration.  First it was warm, and then it was cold.  By April it was warm again, but the damage was done, first to the cherry blossoms, then to the tulips.  We didn’t take pictures of tulips the week of March 31 because they weren’t ready, and by the 7th, they were overripe.  But in a secret spot where our beloved tulips congregate, Tulip Frenzy found these.  All images taken with a Leica SL and the 50mm Summilux SL, with an ND filter.

Tulips 17 Sunday-3

Tulips 17 Sunday-2Tulips 17 Sunday-6Tulips 17 Sunday-4Tulips 17 Sunday-7

Tulip Frenzy Can’t Wait For Alicia Vikander In “Tulip Fever”… For The Purest Of Reasons

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Tulip FeverOur friend Allen Goldberg, knowing of our mania for all things tulip, sent us news yesterday morning that the lovely Alicia Vikander, fresh off her Oscar win, will soon grace a movie entitled Tulip Fever.  A quick look at the trailer reveals her to be a pearl-earring wearing young wife of a 17th Century Dutch burger played by Christoph Waltz, who  allows a handsome young Vermeer-type to paint her in private, and of course you knew what happens next even before I tell you Tom Stoppard wrote the screenplay.

Can’t wait.  And I must say that we are somewhat relieved that it’s called Tulip Fever, not Tulip Frenzy.  You see, even though our staff attorney is ready and willing to protect — and as fiercely as a wolverine — our rights to the name of this site, we kind of like the fact that young schoolchildren — doing research on the phenomenon by which the sane and even-tempered Dutch created the most famous financial bubble in history, besotted as they were with the ephemeral glories of  tulips — might be led by Mr. Google to our site on a day when we’re reviewing the new album by, say, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard.  Tulip Frenzy is many things, and at least one of them, we hope, is educational.

We honestly don’t know whence our obsession with tulips comes.  It’s a pretty healthy obsession to have, don’t you think? Could be worse, right? It’s encouraged by our family, even as they know that come the first week of April we will be as fixated on area tulip beds as any truffle pig sticking his snout into the ground.

Tulip Frenzy 2016-2

And it’s encouraged by friends like Allen who also sent us yesterday’s post in Atlas Obscura on how “The Most Beautiful Tulip In History Cost As Much As A House.”  Jeez, what a day.

Read about the fixation the Dutch had with “broken tulips,” those that are, like the ones depicted above, multicolored.  We are grateful to Allen for sending these stories our way, and we couldn’t be happier than we are right now reading up on  The Tulip Frenzy, preparing to see Tulip Fever in July.

Well, maybe if we could see these decidedly unbroken tulips all the time.

Tulip Fever 2

(Pictures 1 and 3 taken with the Leica M and 50mm Noctilux. Picture 2 taken with the Leica SL and 50mm APO-Summicron-Asph.)




Mistah Tulip Frenzy – He Dead

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Life is filled with choices.  Last week, we chose to be at the Tidal Basin on the sunny evening in order to catch the Cherry Blossom Frenzy.  Of course, we said, we’d be able to get to see the tulips this weekend in their customary frenzy, like so:

2015 Tulips Supplement 1

And yet upon arrival at Dumbarton Oaks this afternoon, we found this:

2015 Tulips-3

We missed the Tulip Frenzy!  In fairness to us, the weather pattern has the flora and fauna confused, and the camellia bush that always blooms by Easter just bloomed.  But sadly, this was the best we could find:

2015 Tulips

Wait, You Think The Tulip Frenzy Is This Weekend…

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Blossoms 2015

Tulips In Contrast

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The usual gear: Leica, 50mm Noctilux, ND filter.


And The Tulips Stayed Calm

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Dumbarton Oaks on a sunny April Sunday on the tail end of the Tulip Frenzy is a magnificent setting for portrait-taking, even if the model is posing for someone else.  Leica M, 50mm Noctilux.

Chinese Girl Dumbarton

Tulip Frenzy 2014 Is In The Books

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It’s all downhill from here.  Next up: the Azalea Frenzy.  Leica M, 50mm Noctilux, ND filter.


The Tulip Frenzy (At A Diagonal)

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Leica M, 50mm Noctilux, ND filter.  Didn’t realize when taking it it would essentially be two images cut diagonally.  When I saw it that way, it reminded me of my fixation with the late master Saul Leiter.





The Tulip Frenzy Approaches

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Leica M, 50mm APO-Summicron-ASPH, ND filter.


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