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The Peaceful Spot In Georgetown That Is The Setting For George Saunders’ “Lincoln In The Bardo”

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Today is the pub date for George Saunders’ first novel, Lincoln In The Bardo, which is set in Oak Hill Cemetery, above Georgetown.  In the novel, the spirit of Willie Lincoln, dead at age 11 in 1862, exists along with others in that netherworld between life and Buddhist reincarnation.  President Lincoln, convulsed in mourning, visits his son, and is observed by the other spirits.  We have visited Oak Hill Cemetery many times, and it is situated next to Dumbarton Oaks, its front entrance looking down upon Georgetown and the Potomac, its back acreage looking down upon Rock Creek Park.  It is a gorgeous, peaceful spot, and a lovely place to visit on a Sunday afternoon in turbulent times.  All images Leica M10.







These Arms To Hold You

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SL Dumbarton These Arms To Hold You

Not Yet The Tulip Frenzy, But Cherry Blossoms At Post-Peak Perfection

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Cherry Blossom Frenzy 2016 2

Please Tell Us The Tulip Frenzy Is Arriving Soon

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The Girl Steps Out Of The Picture

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Leica Monochrom (Type-246), Dumbarton Oaks.

Gardens For Book 2-38

Mistah Tulip Frenzy – He Dead

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Life is filled with choices.  Last week, we chose to be at the Tidal Basin on the sunny evening in order to catch the Cherry Blossom Frenzy.  Of course, we said, we’d be able to get to see the tulips this weekend in their customary frenzy, like so:

2015 Tulips Supplement 1

And yet upon arrival at Dumbarton Oaks this afternoon, we found this:

2015 Tulips-3

We missed the Tulip Frenzy!  In fairness to us, the weather pattern has the flora and fauna confused, and the camellia bush that always blooms by Easter just bloomed.  But sadly, this was the best we could find:

2015 Tulips


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Halloween 2014 Bullseye

The Last Tulip of 2014

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Well, the last ones we likely will post ’til the next Tulip Frenzy!  Don’t worry, we have Azalea Frenzies, and Rose Frenzies, and other delights of the season yet to come.  Leica M, 50mm Noctilux, ND Filter, Dumbarton Oaks, of course.


“City Parks: Public Place, Private Thoughts” Has Great Writing, Boring Photos

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Lion Urn (Dappled Light)


Leica Monochrom, 50mm Noctilux, ND Filter

A few weeks back, we expressed great interest in Bill Clinton’s essay on Dumbarton Oaks, included in Catie Marron’s book, City Parks: Public Places, Private Thoughts.  Having now bought the book, it is a lovely read, with writers ranging from Jan Morris (Giardino Pubblico, Trieste) to John Banville (Iveagh Gardens, Dublin), from Sir Norman Foster (Grosse Tiegarten, Berlin) to Pico Iyer (Maruyama Koen, Kyoto).   The short essay by Bill Clinton on our favorite local urban oasis, Dumbarton Oaks, which is a short distance from our home, is wonderful.

Interestingly, the photographer Oberton Gili illustrates the book with images from each of the gardens, and in this we were disappointed.  He must only have had a single day to photograph Dumbarton Oaks, because it is so much more mysterious, beguiling, quirky, and enigmatic than the photos let on.  We say this not simply because we have made a long, photographic study of it, but because as a regular visitor, we were frustrated by how it is depicted.  Perhaps fans of the Presidio, or Park Guell will say the same thing about their favorite parks.  To us, though, we bought the book for the writing, and on that basis, it’s worth buying.

In Late October, 3:30 PM Is The Golden Hour

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We got to Dumbarton Oaks yesterday just in time to catch this.  Leica M, Noctiulux f/0.95.

The Titanic Struggle (Perfect Light)

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