Holding Hands With Captain Adorable

Every once in a while a photo just comes together.  It’s easy to understand how this little girl caught our eye in the crowd, but that we were able to focus and capture her holding hands with Captain Adorable is an example not of skill but kismet.  Yeah, the dress makes the photo, but check out the dappled light and the soft background bokeh.  Leica M-240, the 50mm APO-Summicron-Asph, and a 3X ND filter, shot at f/6.8.  This is not what Joel Meyerowitz would call a “tough shot,” as anything with kids in it is, by definition, potentially sentimental.  But we love this shot.  Hope you do, too.

Captain Adorable

One Response to “Holding Hands With Captain Adorable”

  1. This is my favorite picture ever!

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