Images From The 2016 Capital Pride Parade

Pride 2016-24

So the news this morning is about a terrorist attack on a gay nightclub in Orlando.  This is so terrible and outrageous, on every level, and particularly sad after the joyous spectacle staged in DC and elsewhere yesterday.   Readers of Tulip Frenzy know we adore The D.C. Funk Parade and believe that each autumn’s High Heel Race is one of the most fun events in our city or anywhere else.  But for sheer happiness, nothing can compete with the Capital Pride Parade, and in 2016, on a gorgeous, very hot day, it was sheer delight. Herewith some images. Click on any image for the slide show.

One Response to “Images From The 2016 Capital Pride Parade”

  1. […] when I went out on the street to take pictures of The Capital Pride Parade, the camera I took with me was my MP-240.  Why? Because it is small, discrete, less threatening to […]

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