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Winter’s Claws

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It was cold out West.  Really cold.

Winters Claws


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Post Halloween Passing Fancy

Best Halloween Get Up Of The Week

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High Heel Race Supplement Big Hair

The High Heel Race In The Nation’s Capital

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High Heel Race

Since the first running of The High Heel Race in 1986, it has become for Washington something like what the Mardi Gras is for New Orleans — a joyous evening of revelry.  Drag queens as serious about this year’s get up as homeowners in Dallas’s Highland Park are about their Christmas lights, mingle — wobble may be more like it, as they’re not usually wearing heels — with frat boys who get into the spirit for a once-a-year, possibly once-a-lifetime, walk on the wild side.

High Heel Race-14

Between the intersection of 17th and New Hampshire, almost all the way down to the Australian Embassy on Massachusetts Avenue, queens reign supreme as diners at the bars and restaurants spill out onto the well-organized sidewalks.

High Heel Race Supplement

Washington is not believed to be a place where people let their hair down.  It famously was declared a city “with no Left Bank.” And yet the real Washington — D.C., as it is called by its denizens — is of course a city of tremendous creativity, in no small part driven by a large and friendly gay community.  The High Heel Race, though on a weeknight, was as notable for the families that attended as for the swell of straight couples who saw it as an extension of the Halloween partying season.  Again, DC’s Mardi Gras.

High Heel Race-4

The marriage theme was ever-present, whether by those who might actually have walked down the aisle…

High Heel Race-16

Or those simply auditioning for a Crocodiles’ video.

High Heel Race-3

The cops got into the spirit of things, even when propositioned by Brunhilda and her girlfriend.

High Heel Race-5

And as the evening swirled…

High Heel Race-8

A Venice Carnivale of sorts materialized…

High Heel Race-12

And even those who weren’t quite ready for Halloween donned their gay apparel.  But the delight of those stars who welcomed the arrival of paparazzi made this annual running of the high-heeled women a sight to behold.

High Heel Race-15

All images Leica Monochrom, 35mm Summilux Asph FLE.

Complete Confidence In The White House’s Security

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Anonymous White House

After a week in which the Secret Service’s control of the White House perimeter was in doubt… after a morning in which the Washington Post provided new details on Secret Service disarray… we decided to amble down to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue (1400 Pennsylvania Avenue, if you are Michele Bachmann…)  Everything seemed fine to us, right?

Street Nirvana

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M Street September 2

Nik’s Analog Efex Pro Is Pretty Fun

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When Nik Software was bought by Google, we worried there would be no more investment in new products from what we believe is the best of the Lightroom plug-ins.  And in fact, since that purchase — and since the various plug-ins such as Silver Efex Pro and Viveza are no longer available a la carte, but must be purchased as “Google Nik Collection” — there have been no announced upgrades of the best individual products.  Recently, though, they released Analog Efex Pro, which is clearly aimed at photographers that wish to get in on the Instagram fun, even as they use their DSLRs or other “good” cameras, not their iPhones, to take pictures.

We recently read an essay about how modern-day Leica photographers take little advantage of the great lenses and sharp processing inside the digital Ms, because they are too busy reducing their images through software to mimic the look of film from the 1960s.  There may be something to this.  And it may be wrong to do — using your brand new Porsche to travel the Go-Cart track.  But then again, sometimes it’s quite fun.  Well done, Nik.

4th With Analog Coloring

At A 4th Of July Parade: America In Seven Pictures

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The MacArthur Boulevard Parade in NW Washington, D.C. would certainly not — to much of Red State America — represent the nation as a whole.  To us, it was a remarkably apt depiction of America circa 2014 in all of its glory, from the tackiness of the purple dog to the self-parody of the plutocrats, but particularly the joy of the Bolivian immigrants celebrating their new home.  Here are seven pictures that sum it up.

4th 2014b 4th 2014c 4th 2014d 4th 2014e 4th 2014f 4th 2014g 4th 2014h

The Backpack Roars

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Readers of Tulip Frenzy know we have given long study to the photography of Saul Leiter, but if there is a living photographer whose work in color we most marvel at, it is likely Alex Webb.  What do we admire most about Alex Webb?  Well, he is able to compose images where there are numerous stories being told in the construct of a single shot. This doesn’t even qualify as emulation, but it does give us a sense of how, with a wide-angle lens, one can have multiple planes of interest in a given composition. This gives us hope.  Leica M, 35mm Summilux Asph FLE.


The Rainbow And Smile Between Tough Guy Hats

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Leica M, 35mm Summilux Asph FLE.


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