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On Labor Day We Reflect: Now China’s Even Exporting Good Rock Bands

Posted in Music with tags , , on September 7, 2009 by johnbuckley100

If someone told you that there was an excellent band from Chinatown that sounded like a cross between Sonic Youth, the Cure, and Galaxy 500, you’d probably think it was a cool anomaly.  That The Car-Sick Cars sound exactly as described above, but hail from Beijing is somewhere between an exciting revelation and a threat.  Oh, so now they make good rock bands too?

I assure you, the threat is greater to the creeps in China’s authoritarian government than it is to Western alternarock bands.  Once the kids start rocking, good things happen to societies yearning for freedom.

How good are the Car-Sick Cars?  They’re a seriously fun band, with a big backbeat and loud and raunchy guitars.  On “Zhong Man Hai,” they even have this Eno/Roxy guitar freakout that shows no pussyfooting.

This is one $9.99 contribution to China’s trade surplus you can be happy to make this Labor Day.

BTW – where did Tulip Frenzy learn about Car-Sick Cars?  From a very cool new travel magazine called Afar.  The magazine’s so new they don’t really even have their website set up.  But if they can turn up bands this good from around the globe, we’ll subscribe for a long time to come. See here: Afar Magazine

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