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9th Best Album of 2008, Thenewno2’s “You Are Here”

Posted in Music with tags , , , , on December 8, 2008 by johnbuckley100

Maybe Tulip Frenzy hangs out in the wrong places, but the gang here would have figured a bluesy, trippy, eminently interesting album by the soundalike, lookalike son of George Harrison would have caused a bigger stir.  Rainy day music, and maybe a little claustrophobic for a record made in sunny California, Thenewno2’s debut has stopped work in Tulip Frenzy World HQ every time we’ve  listened to it. Completely contemporary, and yet a throwback, one might almost begin believing in reincarnation.

Dhani Harrison’s Band TheNewNo2 Is Like A Rocket From The Crypt

Posted in Music with tags , , on September 6, 2008 by johnbuckley100

Dhani Harrison plays — surprise — guitar and sings.  Oh, does he ever play guitar and sing.  You know where this story is going.  

Thenewno2 — the band name is recognizable to all you Patrick McGoohan fans out there — is a trippy, bluesy LA band with superb studio technique. As the world will soon know better, Dhani Harrison looks so much like George it’s scary, and his guitar technique is taken right off “Abbey Road.” His vocal print would fool an FBI-administered spectrogram.  George must have believed in reincarnation, right?

“You Are Here” is a surprisingly fascinating album, with the tone of Howard Devoto’s lamented Luxuria, but without the edge.  Rainy day music in a house of ghosts.

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