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Brian Jonestown Massacre Live At Hi-Fi Bar Album

Posted in Music with tags , , on April 19, 2009 by johnbuckley100

It was recorded in Melbourne in late August 2008, following a long flight from the European festival circuit, punctuated only by that great set at Terminal 5 in New York, a convenient layover.  Anton apologizes for being jet-lagged, but he needn’t have.  It’s a great performance, virtually identical to the one Tulip Frenzy witnessed at T5.  As with the BJM live these days — maybe moreso on the current tour, what with Matt Hollywood adding another axe to the Branca-esque guitar army — the band’s mostly about the mid-tones, the upthrust from the drums and organ through the four or five layers of guitar.  Maybe it’s the choice of songs, but the album is a reminder of the band’s folk-rock core, the strumming middle.

H0w to obtain this rarity: have to go to the BJM website (eyes right, people!) and follow the links to the Hi-Fi store in Melbourne.  Took a few tries to make the kludgy website work, but about five days after I ordered it, the unsuspecting USPS dropped this little letter bomb right in my mailbox, which only exploded when I loaded the CD in my computer.  Absolutely worth it, not just for completists, but anyone who’s seen the band on this tour and wants to recapture the magic.  Note: it includes the as-yet unreleased “Prefab Ambulatory Device,” a future gem.

Song list:

Whoever You Are

Yeah Yeah

Nailing Honey To A Bee

Here It Comes

Vacuum Boots


Hide and Seek

When Jokers Attack


A New Low In Getting High


Prefab Ambulatory Device

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