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If You Like Moose — And Who Doesn’t? — You’ll Love This Story

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Moose Story-14

All  images taken with the Leica SL

Last summer, my wife and I returned from an overnight trip to Yellowstone to find these guys hanging out around the house.  They looked a little guilty, like thieves caught eating our trees.  Which of course they were.

Moose Story-11

Once we got into the house, we actually were stuck there, because we couldn’t sneak out for dinner without worrying about whether we were disturbing the moose mama and her young calves.

Moose Story-12

Moose Story-13

She had two young ones with her, and after a while we were able to get out for dinner.  We saw them in the neighborhood over the few weeks of summer we are able to sneak away to Wyoming.  The young ones got bigger before our very eyes.

By the time we came back for winter skiing, the mama moose was there, but where were the young ones?

Moose Story-10

It was a brutal winter, with high snow drifts.  And while the mama was comfortable around the house, we worried for the calves.

Until yesterday, we came home and found these guys.

Moose Story-9

Moose Story-8

Moose Story-7Moose Story-4Moose Story-3

Last year’s calf is now a mama, with a moosekin of her own.  We don’t know where the grandma is, nor what happened to the current mama’s sibling.  But we are so glad to see this third generation of moose arrive, and look forward to next year when, we hope, this young calf comes back with her offspring.

Moose Story-2

Moose Story-6Moose Story

This Is Entertainment

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Moose Under The Moon (1 of 1)


Leica M, Vario-Elmar-R 80-200 @80

There are evenings when people entertain themselves by watching television, or going online, or playing pinochle.  And then there are nights when, with a minimum of searching, entertainment can be had by simply driving along a road with your eyes open.

Double Moose (1 of 1)


Throughout the summer, there have been a few bulls to be seen off in the distance.  And then there was the night when three came up close to the river, while a hundred yards away, a cow was to be seen with two calves.  That’s entertainment.

Double Moose 2 (1 of 1)

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