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Some Early Readers’ Reviews Of “The Geography Lesson”

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Looking for something to read this weekend?  Check out my novel, The Geography Lesson.  But don’t just take my word for how enjoyable it is, check out what readers have said about it in their reviews on sites selling it.

Here’s one, from the Amazon page: “Love, friendship, betrayal, forgiveness and adventure. Told with great humor against a backdrop created by an author with a flawless eye for Washington and points beyond. With painstakingly rendered detail, Buckley brings several different distinct worlds to life: The old-school, Mad Men world of adventure journalists; the last days of when the institutions of the nation’s capital were ruled largely by New England blue bloods; the modern-day, rarified milieu of America’s privileged classes; and the exotic human and physical landscapes of the American West. Here’s something that sneaks up on you: It’s a Washington novel that’s outside the mold of any ever written because it never claims to be one. It paints pictures of political lessons rather than preaches them. Most important, we care about the lovingly drawn characters because we’re allowed to join them in truly honest journeys of self-discovery. A pitch-perfect triumph!”

And another: “The Geography Lesson is a fun, fast trip through time to the world of late 1960’s Washington and the Western U.S and back again, with a side of Peruvian adventure. As a fan of Edward Abbey, I loved the excursion through the Canyonlands. As a fan of National Geographic, I loved the Society as the backdrop. Now if only I could get myself to Peru!”

And yet another: “The cover art points to the story line of this entertaining novel, which follows the adventures of National Geographic explorer journalists. The plot was gripping, making me want to read quickly, to find out what happens in the end to the appealing narrator. But I made myself slow down. It’s worth taking your time over this one. Buckley is a Washington insider, with an amazing eye for detail, and if you’re at all interested in Washington media of the last 40 years or so you’ll want to take your time and enjoy every page.”

You can buy it via Amazon, Nook, or Booktango!

Still need convincing?  Well, check out this sample chapter.  And have a nice weekend.

Okay, This Goes Way Further Than The Plot Of “The Geography Lesson”

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My new novel, The Geography Lesson, is a comedy based on the repercussions stemming from the National Geographic Society failing to protect an Anasazi ruin discovered in Utah in 1968.  (Want to know more?  Go here, and check it out.)

But the sacking of that fictional Anasazi site was positively low-key compared to this Mayan ruin bulldozed to get road fill for a highway under construction in Belize…

My New Novel, “The Geography Lesson,” Is Available Via Amazon Kindle And Other Sites

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The Geography Lesson COVER_600x900

I’m very pleased to announce the publication of my third novel, The Geography Lesson, which is available via Amazon Kindle and other sites.  In the days ahead, it will be available through the iBookstore, the Nook store, and all such upstanding digital retailers.

The Geography Lesson is a novel about the consequences emanating from a botched expedition by the National Geographic Society– which may be the last great Washington institution never to have come under the scope of a comic novelist.  Forty years after the 1968 discovery, and subsequent looting, of a magnificent Anasazi  ruin in Utah, the novel’s narrator, a retired National Geographic writer, spies in a magazine a photo of a vase he last saw in an obscure canyon out West all those years ago, and in an instant, he knows exactly who betrayed him — and one of America’s most storied institutions.

Ready to learn more, maybe even ready to buy it at the low, low price of $3.95?  Well, you can go you can go directly to

Still need persuading?  Well, here’s what Robert M. Poole, former executive editor of National Geographic and author of Explorers House: National Geographic and the World It Made, has to say about it: “With The Geography Lesson, John Buckley has produced a novel that is part mystery story, part adventure, and pure delight.  He guides the reader on a fast-paced voyage of discovery, from the silent, unspoiled ruins of the Anasazi cliffs to the solemn grandeur of the Inca highlands to the Byzantine maze of the National Geographic Society.  All serve as backdrop for Timothy Prescott’s journey of the heart, fueled by one man’s need to reconcile lost love, betrayed friendship, and what seems to be a brazen assault on a cultural treasure.  Buckley is a masterful guide who writes with clarity and grace that never intrude on a narrative you will savor and remember.”

Ready to go to the website and buy it?

Look, we often don’t come out from behind the mask of Tulip Frenzy, but in this instance, allow me to say this.  I believe The Geography Lesson is stronger than either of my two well-reviewed prior novels, Family Politics or Statute of Limitations.  It’s a fun read, if I do say so myself.

If you read it, and like it, you could:

  1. Leave a review on the Kindle page.
  2. You could tweet out a link to your zillions of Twitter followers.  (A cut-and-paste ready sample: “Go read the new novel by @johnbuckley100, The Geography Lesson, which is really terrific!” And then you could link to  Oh, and by the way, go ahead and follow @johnbuckley100 on Twitter, and I’ll keep you posted on the book’s progress.
  3. Post a link on your Facebook page and alert your zillions of friends.

The most important thing, though, is reading the book, which I hope you enjoy.

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