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Getting Ready For Halloween

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Yesterday, as the National Zoo came back to life, there were signs everywhere of workers — the “non-essential” kind who hadn’t been on skeleton duty, taking care of animals — scrambling to get ready for the zoo’s big Halloween activities.

Late For Halloween2


There were men hanging dragons in trees.

Hanging Dragon


Too bad it wasn’t the Tea Party Congresscreatures who’d kept them from work.  And prevented little girls from visiting the zoo.

Zoo Delight

The Panda Man Is Happy To See Us Back

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When those Tea Party morons closed the U.S. Government and nearly provoked a global economic calamity, they also shut down the National Zoo.  Which meant the Panda Man couldn’t greet the visitors.  He sure was happy to see us again, and the feeling definitely was mutual.  Leica M, Noctilux, ND filter.

Panda Man

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