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Robyn Hitchcock’s “GoodNight Oslo” Meets A.C. Newman’s “Submarines of Stockholm”

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It’s one of life’s great paradoxes that Robyn Hitchcock, perennial jokester, can also write the most emotionally breathtaking songs.  Going all the way back to his earliest days with the Soft Boys, Hitchcock’s shined underwater moonlight on creatures from the deep, as if afraid to deal with things on the surface, straight up with a frontal view.  Maybe it’s because when he looks at life head on, he captures it so beautifully.

It’s hard to go wrong with Peter Buck and Scott McGaughey in your band, though admittedly there are the usual batch of fish that should never have been landed, that flop around the dock.  I count six keepers, which is a pretty good catch in stormy seas. Still, while not as great a collection of songs as Ole! Tarantula was a few years back, Goodnight Oslo’s in the upper tier of Hitchcock’s solo work, with shimmering guitars and the Minus 5 glee club out in force. “I’m Falling” is as pretty a song as he’s written this century, as pretty as “Raymond Chandler Evening,” and the title track lingers in the mind like a painting by Edvard Munch.

In Get Guilty, A.C. Edward’s second solo album, the best song finds him chugging into the Stockholm harbor, running silently and deep as thrillingly as in any rock song reference to submariners since the Swell Maps.  Tulip Frenzy’s taken a while to write about this album because it disappointed, though it’s since grown on us, like a small tree emanating from our forehead.  Look, The Slow Wonder was such a magnificent work, a bridge between New Pornographer outings Twin Cinemas and Challengers, that we had really high expectations.  While The Slow Wonder never once seemed like these were songs to which Neko and the gang had shaken their heads, “uh, no,” there are moments when Get Guilty does seem like it could be a demo tape for the next New P’s outing.  A consumer report would clock this one as having maybe four really good songs, which is well below Carl’s standards.  But this is A.C. Newman we’re talking about, and when he’s good, he’s great.  “The Collected Works” ranks up there with “Fortune” and “Secretarial” and “Spanish Techno.” There are reasons to throw your hat in the air and whoop.  Just don’t do it in a submarine.

Holy Moley, Neko’s Ankle Really Was Broken

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See statement from band: Hello friends,
We have some very unfortunate news to report. Neko had a really bad fall in Washington DC, which resulted in a fractured ankle, and will be leaving our tour today. She was really trying to be a trooper and stayed on as long as was possible through Richmond and Athens, but it has gotten to the point where she must return home and have her ankle taken care of and to recuperate.  She’s very upset about having to leave, it’s been super fun having her on stage and around the bus. 

We hope that you understand Nashville, St. Louis, Chicago, Madison, and Cleveland. The rest of us will just have to play that much harder to put on the best show possible.

Aside from Neko’s fall, this has been a SUPER great tour for us, and thank you thank you thank you for everyone who has come out so far and bought tickets for the remaining shows.



Apr 18: Nashville, TN @ The Cannery *
Apr 19: St. Louis, MO @ The Pageant SOLD OUT
Apr 20: Chicago, IL @ Riviera SOLD OUT
Apr 21: Madison, WI @ Orpheum *
Apr 22: Cleveland, OH @ Beachland Ballroom *  SOLD OUT

May 24: Gorge, WA @ Sasquatch Music Festival
May 25: Chillicothe, IL @ Summer Camp Festival

June 21: Minneapolis, MN @ Walker Arts Center  w/ Andrew Bird
June 22: Calgary, AB @ V Fest

July 18: Bennicassim Spain @ Festival Internacional de Benicàssim

Aug 07: Northampton, MA @ Calvin Theater w/Grizzly Bear
Aug 08: Jersey City, NJ @ Liberty State Park

Playlist of 2007 Top Songs

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Tulip Frenzy is not K-Tel.  We have no deals with labels, and we don’t advertise on late-night television.  But if we were to put together a playlist with two songs each from the 2007 Tulip Frenzy Top 10 List (c), here’s what it would be: 

  1. Ryan Bingham Album: Mescalero Songs: Bread and Water/Hard Times;
  2. New Pornograhers Album: Challengers Songs: All The  Old Showstoppers/Fortune;
  3. Wilco Album: Sky Blue Sky Songs: Impossible Germany/Let’s Not Get Carried Away; 
  4. Black Rebel Motorcycle Gang Album: Baby 81 Songs: Weapon of Choice/Coldwind;
  5. Apples In Stereo Album: New Magnetic Wonder   Songs: Skyway/7 Stars;
  6. Iron & Wine Album: Shepherds Dog Songs: Pagan Angel and A Borrowed Car/Carousel;
  7. Babyshambles Album: Shotter’s Nation  Songs: Deft Left Hand/Crum Begging;
  8. The Chesterfield Kings Album: Psychedelic Sunrise Songs: Up and Down/Outtasite;
  9. Eddie Vedder Album: Into The Wild Songs: Hard Sun/Far Behind;
  10. The Waterboys Album: Book of Lightning Songs: Crash of Angel Wings/It’s Gonna Rain;

Now, go to the iTunes Store and assemble.    

The Official Tulip Frenzy Top Ten List Of Best Music From 2007

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  • 10. The Waterboys “Book of Lightning”Who ever would have thought that the Waterboys would rock as hard as, and sound a lot like, Robyn Hitchcock?  This was a left-field surprise that went beyond a return to form, since never once had they sounded this good.
  • 9. Eddie Vedder “Into The Wild”Great movie, perfect soundtrack to it.  
  • 8.The Chesterfield Kings “Psychedelic Sunrise”Until the next Fleshtones album comes out (January 22nd), this is the garage classic of the moment.
  • 7.Babyshambles “Shotters Nation”Pete Doherty makes Amy Winehouse seem like she’s overly fond of 3.2 beer or something, but I was shocked by what an amazing album this is, the best Brit-rock album since Blur was functional.  We need to keep this guy alive.
  • 6.Iron & Wine “The Shepherd’s Dog”Music to listen to while getting tanked up on coffee, sitting in sunlight, while reading six sections of the Sunday Times.  That’s actually a compliment.
  • 5. The Apples in Stereo “Science Faire”The little pop-rock genius Bob Schneider made a good ‘un, rocking hard but not at Ramones speed, while still catchy as their soundtrack for the Powerpuff Girls.
  • 4. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club “Baby 81″Even in a year when the Jesus and Mary Chain came back at Coachilla, this was the best moment for off-kilter hard rock that I lived through.
  • 3. Wilco “Sky Blue Sky”Why put down Jeff Tweedy’s sobriety? With Nels Cline sounding like Tom Verlaine on a good day, this beautiful symphony of noise deserved a far, far better fate than the slagging it took.  (Funny how after putting it down, Uncut put it in their Top Five list…)
  • 2. The New Pornographers “Challengers”Another album hipsters gainsaid, yet still packed such an un-Canadian wallop, it’s a wonder the Arcade Fire didn’t do the honorable thing and just move to Paraguay. 
  • 1. Ryan Bingham “Mescalero”The best album of 2007 was by a West Texas songwriter named Ryan who was smart enough to embrace, not run from sounding like the great lost Whiskeytown album.
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