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The Duke Spirit’s Oasis Amidst The Desert That Is British Rock

Posted in Music with tags , , , on February 18, 2008 by johnbuckley100

This is a message to the management of The Duke Spirit: okay, you know you have under contract the single strongest British rock band to emerge since Oasis in 1994.  Liela Moss’s vocals are sexier than Kate Moss’s face, and the band packs such a wallop that that once it hammers its hooks into your brain, you’re pinned, completely caught, no place to go but to replay their music over and over and over again.  At the same time, guitarists Luke Ford and Dan Higgins can play Buzzcocks rough to Luna soft, and all stops in between.  But here’s your challenge as management: you have to resist licensing their music to a car company. Oh yeah, they’re coming, if they haven’t already got there.  The band’s perhaps a little too hard rock for Volkswagen, but I can easily see Mitsubishi going for the Zombies-like intro to “The Step and the Walk” from the superb new album “Neptune.”  I’m guessing Ford or Dodge might want to show how hip they are by having “Lassoo” power an ad for some jet black SUV, cruising with the club kids through lower Manhattan.  And here’s my advice: resist.  Sure, the songs are catchy enough for such commercial application, yet at its heart — the Duke Spirit’s spirit, if you will — the band needs to channel Sterling Morrison riffs and Noel Gallagher power chords on the way to making maybe the strongest Brit rock of the modern age. Yeah, they’re that good. Anything else is a sellout.  Don’t blow it.

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