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SnagFilms, God Bless ‘Em, Have Posted The Fleshtones’ “Pardon Us For Living But The Graveyard Is Full”

Posted in Music with tags , , on September 17, 2010 by johnbuckley100

The coolest website in the world serves up the coolest band in the world. Take the rest of the day off. We won’t tell the boss.

We somehow messed up posting the widget, but LINK BELOW TO SEE THE FILM.

Pardon Us for Living but the Graveyard Is Full – Watch the Documentary Film for Free | Watch Free Documentaries Online | SnagFilms.

Fleshtones Greet Their 5th Decade* By Bursting Into Film

Posted in Music with tags , , on January 3, 2010 by johnbuckley100

SnagFilms brain trust, please take note and acquire these rights for your most excellent nonfiction film site: 2010 will see the release of Pardon Us For Living But The Graveyard Was Full, a documentary about The Flestones, only the greatest… well, we’ll leave it there.  The Fleshtones are just the greatest.  And that there’s now a movie about ’em, in addition to the excellent book on them — Sweat, The Story of The Fleshtones, America’s Garage Band — means the ‘Tones Chronicle is now a full-fledged multimedia juggernaut.   I mean after a book and a film, through what medium may we next capture America’s greatest band?  Sculpture?

Can’t wait to see it, and the really fun trailer just whets the appetite.  Happy 201o.

* No, they haven’t been around for 40 plus years (just a mere 34), but having started in the mid-70s, and with this now 2010, we did the math and…

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