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Omigod, The Deathfix Song Released Today Is Amazing

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , on January 9, 2013 by johnbuckley100

We wish we were excited about the Bowie release yesterday.  We’d like to be, but the song’s kinda dull, id’nit?  But “Transmission,” the new track released by Brendan Canty and Richard Morel’s Deathfix is nothing short of astounding.  We’d love to tell you the saga of how Brendan got from powering Fugazi from behind the skins to a song that sounds like Joe Boyd capturing the Incredible String Band jamming with Traffic in Syd Barrett’s basement, but we don’t yet know it.  You wait here, we’ll find out.


Check it out here, courtesy of Spin.

Album is out February 19.  We count the days on fingers, toes, and the digits of friends.

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