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The #10 Best Album On The Tulip Frenzy 2013 Top Ten List ™ Is Magic Trick’s “River Of Souls”

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No surprise here, since we broadly hinted last week that they would make it.  But as we said then, Magic Trick is a magic band, and this was a gorgeous album we intend on playing for a long time to come, especially when melded with last year’s Ruler of the Night.

How gorgeous was it, you ask?

Here’s what we said only last week:

“This is an album that is at once so tastefully tuneful, so catchy and pretty, sweet and bright that we are already making up the seating charts for Holiday parties in the weeks ahead — just so we can play it at dinner!   The fire crackling, suckling spam coming from the roti, the claret decorked — oh, the festivities this brilliant disk will get going.  It’s going to be a helluva warm’n’toasty finish to 2013, now that said bright platter’s plopped on the old victrola.  Download “Salvation” and your ears will respond like you’ve just filled them with melted chocolate that’s been left to cool in the warm breeze of a Baja California night.  One song later, when the gorgeous “Bridge of Gold” comes on, you’ll find yourself shushing loved ones while saying not a word.  That’s right, you won’t have to tell them what to listen for.  They’ll just start nodding their heads to the beat, and will thank you for allowing them to listen.”

Tulip Frenzy Gets Results: New Magic Trick Album Announced For December 3rd Release

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A month ago this very day, the scribblers at Tulip Frenzy World HQ saw fit to ask: Will The Fresh And Only’s Soothsayer be Tim Cohen’s only rec release this annum?  You see, we had of late been playing Cohen’s other band, Magic Trick, over’n’over’n’over agin, and rank their album Ruler Of The Night as nothing less than, well, we believe the word used was “astonishing.”

From across the Twittersphere… hear Tulip Frenzy’s question echo… echo… echo… came a reply: just wait!

And now we know, as an amazing track, “Come Inside,” has just been posted on Pitchfork, who declaim with authority that the third Magic Trick album, entitled River of Souls, will flow freely to the great big sea on December 3rd.  Yes!

This has been a pretty stellar year for new music already, but the final two months will see, at long last, the release of First Communion Afterparty’s Earth Heat Sky, Kevin Morby’s Harlem River, and now Magic Trick’s River of Souls.  Normally we despair of the end of Daylight Savings and the coming of winter.  Not this year!

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