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In Defense of Lions

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How could anyone?  Leica Monochrom, 90mm Summicron, Botswana, 2014.

B+W Low Rez 5

This Image Chosen By The Leica Store DC For Their Oscar Barnack Wall

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TF Botswana Color 1

We were honored by the news that the Leica Store DC chose our image from a recent trip to Botswana for display on their Oskar Barnack Wall during the month of October.  Oskar Barnack was the developer of the ur-Leica, which means he was the person who invented 35mm photography.  To be associated in any way with his name is an honor, and we appreciate the Leica Store for choosing our image.

For those lucky enough to live in the Nation’s Capital, the Leica Store has, since May of 2012, become a remarkable hub for photography here.  Whether or not one shoots Leica, to have a serious photography store host so many events, and to be so welcoming, seven days a week, to street shooters wandering by, is pretty remarkable.  We’re fortunate to have them in the community.  The camera equipment’s not bad either.

About the image: this was taken on the first night of our trip to the Okavango Delta, at Tubu Tree.  Literally an hour after our arrival, we went out in the Land Rover and our guide led us to this.  Leica M, 90mm APO-Summicron-Asph.  That the moon was rising and framed by tree branches while the leopard stared at us was just the kismet of the cosmos.

This image, and a set of 12 black and white images from the same trip, are for sale at The Stephen Bartels Gallery.

Big Day In Washington

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Four years later, the crowds were only slightly smaller, it seemed to us.  It was definitely warmer.  People seemed just as happy, and as proud.

Leica M9, 35mm Summilux, except where noted.











90mm Summicron



Look Who Just Showed Up

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Leica M9, 90mm Apo-Summicron-Asph.

Moon And Sleeping Indian

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From the Gros Ventre River toward the Sleeping Indian, Jackson Hole, WY, summer 2011.  Leica M9, 90mm Summicron.

The Sleeping Indian

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See it?  Leica M9, 9omm Sumicron.

Mind Meld

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Leica M9, 90mm Summicron

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