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Rock It From The Crypt: New Jimi Hendrix Song

Posted in Music with tags , on February 10, 2010 by johnbuckley100

The Jimi Hendrix Estate, far longer in existence than the Jimi Hendrix Experience ever was, would seem to have scraped the bottom of the barrel so hard, it must shine in the dark.  So how to explain that 30 years hence, we have the prospect of a “new” Hendrix album, with the teaser song released today? “Valleys of Neptune” tracks familiar territory — starting out like “Angel,” and then invoking a softer chord progression than “Freedom” — and we’re probably listening to guide vocals.  But Hell, it’s Jimi Hendrix, and we haven’t heard this song before.  Thank you, God, or Mr. Hendrix, or whatever lawyer or studio archivist who found these tapes and made them available.

Now it says these tracks have never been released, though surely we’ve heard some of the songs contained in the album, to be released one month hence.  “Here My Train a Comin’,” “Red House,” and “Lover Man” were all released in studio versions, and we’ve heard “Sunshine of Your Love” live.

If the title track released today is indicative, what we’re going to hear is a good showcase for Hendrix’s final line up — Billy Cox and Mitch Mitchell backing him up.  This thing came out of nowhere, as I far as I knew, we’re damn glad it did.

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