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Cherry Glazerr’s “Haxel Princess” Gets An A-Grade From The School Of Rock

Posted in Music with tags , , , on March 23, 2014 by johnbuckley100

Clementine Creevy is the Mikaela Schiffrin of indie rock.  Where the latter won her first World Cup Slalom globe by her 18th birthday, Creevy’s band, Cherry Glazerr, released its excellent first album Haxel Princess just weeks past Creevy’s 17th birthday.  Drummer Hannah Uribe is a sweet 16.  (The only male band member, bassist Sean Redman, is 22.)  There have been L.A. teen phenoms going all the way back to The Runaways, but few have produced as pleasurable fluff as this.

This is not the 17-year old James Joyce reviewing Ibsen’s “When We Dead Awaken,” and shocking the old Norwegian playwright when he finds out a mere kid has done the trick.  There are songs here about grilled cheese sandwiches (“Grilled Cheese”), so anyone looking for profundity will have to wait for the next, dunno, Fiona Apple album.  But if you like albums with lyrics like “I’ve got a crush on you” while the band picks up momentum with song structures familiar to The Breeders or Veruca Salt or other punk-pop outfits from the decade in which all of Cherry Glazerr was born, this rec will bring a smile to your face.

Cherry Glazerr: feel free to quote this in your college applications: “Tulip Frenzy believes that [fill in name of college] would greatly benefit from this band playing on the lawn of the quad on sunny Fridays, while the Red Bull flows and the frisbees fly.”

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