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At The Rolling Thunder Parade: Gallery Of Images

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Memorial Day 2017 Rolling Thunder-17

All images Leica Monochrom (Typ-246) and 50mm APO-Summicron-Asph

Donald Trump may have gotten 4% of the vote in the District of Columbia, but in certain precincts over Memorial Day Weekend here in the Nation’s Capital, we’d bet his vote was higher.

One can’t help but be moved by some of those who come each year, many by motorcycle, to celebrate Memorial Day.  For everyone who comes for fellowship, a good ride, a fun weekend, there are others in possession of raw emotions, more than 40 years after the Vietnam War, and memories of their loved ones and earlier selves.  We came upon this fellow sitting by himself, a few yards from the Wall.

Memorial Day 2017 Rolling Thunder-4

Memorial Day 2017 Rolling Thunder-3

This ritual each year means a lot to our visitors who roll in from around the country.

Memorial Day 2017 Rolling Thunder-5Memorial Day 2017 Rolling Thunder-8Memorial Day 2017 Rolling Thunder-7

Memorial Day 2017 Rolling Thunder-6

And some wars are never over.  (We see this guy here every year.)

Memorial Day 2017 Rolling Thunder-9

While some wait patiently for the Rolling Thunder motorcycles to come roaring by, others go into the pedestrian mall set up every year, to buy food and insignia, motorcycle gear, even holsters.

Memorial Day 2017 Rolling Thunder-10

Memorial Day 2017 Rolling Thunder-11

Memorial Day 2017 Rolling Thunder-13

Memorial Day 2017 Rolling Thunder-14

Memorial Day 2017 Rolling Thunder-16Memorial Day 2017 Rolling Thunder-15Memorial Day 2017 Rolling Thunder-19Memorial Day 2017 Rolling Thunder-20

And while few are still on active duty, some carry their rank with them wherever they go.

Memorial Day 2017 Rolling Thunder-12

While others carry the burden of their lives in the sadness of their eyes.

Memorial Day 2017 Rolling Thunder

Iced Inside There? Yeah, That’s Spring

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After the ice storm. Leica Monochrom, Noctilux, with ND filter.

The Melt 3

Lou Reed’s New York Still Exists

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It has been a long time since we’ve gotten to wander through Times Square on a warm autumn evening at 10:30 or so. So much has changed since Giuliani and Bloomberg have rendered the city something closer to Singapore than the dirty town we lived in in the ’70s. The pedestrian mall is filled with cops, and cartoon characters.  But even out there on the street, with the Disney characters entertaining the tourists, a slice of the New York we used to live in can still be found.  Leica Monochrom, 50mm Summilux Asph.

Times Square Beuaty 1

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