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On Meeting Eric, The D.C. Ice Cream Man

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Ice Cream Man


In this country, we have the right to take a picture of anyone in a public space.  There is the separate question of whether people want to have their picture taken, or what morally is your right to do with that picture.  The latter question is something I grapple with all the time.

The photo above was taken in September 2012 near Washington’s Verizon Center.  I submitted it in the Leica Store’s “D.C. As I See It” juried competition, and it was one of my photos chosen.  About ten days ago, the Leica Store contacted me to say that, having heard his picture was up on their wall, Eric, the man depicted in the image, had come to the store, and that he really wanted to get a copy of it.  After connecting with him, we agreed to meet on Friday on the Mall, where he was selling ice cream to tourists.

What a delight it was to meet him, a really nice guy, who seemed to genuinely enjoy getting copies of the photo taken of him.  He said that while working near Union Station, someone told him his picture was up on the walls of the Leica Store, and he should go check it out.  He said it made his day to see the picture.  I can only tell you that giving him a copy made mine.

STRATA Photographer Chris Suspect Featured In The Leica Camera Blog

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Chris Suspect is an amazing D.C.-based photographer who is part of the STRATA collective of street photographers.  One of his images was awarded Best In Show at the Leica Store D.C.’s juried exhibition, which will run until the end of the month.  This morning, the Leica Camera Blog ran an interview with him.  You should check it out.  (And if in D.C., go see the show.)

One, Or Both…

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Happy email.  “One or both” of our finalists made it through the jury choosing the pictures for the Leica Store’s “DC As I See It” exhibit, beginning Saturday night, March 30th…  Hmm, was it “Leave Me Alone?” or “Ice Cream Man”?  Or both?  We patiently await word…

Leave Me Alone


Ice Cream Man

Wish Us Luck

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In the span of less than a year, the Leica Store in Washington, D.C. has become a remarkable gallery space and photography hub.  Some weeks ago, they announced a juried competition entitled “D.C. As I See It,” open to photographers from D.C., Maryland, and Virginia, but limited to photographs of  the “real D.C.,” taken with Leica equipment.  You might imagine this perked our interest.  Let’s see, live in D.C.  Check.  Take pictures with Leica equipment.  Check.  Take pictures of what we consider the real D.C.  Ok, we said, and we submitted five images.

The three jurors are all eminent Washington photographers, printers, and gallerists, and the two-phase process consists of a review of images submitted digitally, and after a cull, a review of the finalists’ prints.  We are pleased to say two of our images made it into the finals, which means sometime today they either will or will not be chosen for display on the Leica Store’s walls.

We have one color image in contention, taken with a Leica M9 and 35mm Summilux last September, when we were wandering the city with the great Danish photographer and workshop leader Thorsten Overgaard.

Ice Cream Man

A second image was taken with the Leica Monochrom and 50mm APO-Summicron-Asph near Logan Circle just a few weeks ago.

Leave Me Alone

Wish us luck!  We’ll report in later if either of them makes it.

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