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We Will Hold Up Announcement Of The Tulip Frenzy Top 10 List For Kevin Morby’s “Harlem River”

Posted in Music with tags , , , on October 26, 2013 by johnbuckley100

Ordinarily, we put out the Tulip Frenzy Top Ten List (c) over Thanksgiving.  We do this in part so that we are not influenced by all the other Top Ten lists that come out in December, and in part because we want to give folks a chance to do their holiday shopping early.

(A digression: never have we been so pleased as to hear from a friend that she had handed our Top Ten list in a given year to a clerk at a record store — remember them? — asking him if he would be so kind as to collect each of the CDs — remember them? — from the racks.  The clerk looked at the list, then back at my friend, and said, “Oh, so you have a 13-year old son, huh?”  We grinned from ear to ear. Seldom have we been so proud.)

But this year, we may have to hold things up to wait and see if all of Woods/Babies guitarist Kevin Morby’s Harlem River is as good as the initial release, made available via Stereogum, not to mention the second song they made available this week.  Listen to those two songs and you’ll see why we will be happy to wait for the November 26th release of Harlem River.  That’s only two days before Thanksgiving.  Perhaps by that weekend we’ll have been able to place the album in the context of all the great music that’s been released this year.  (Yeah, we’re thinking Thee Oh Sees, Mikal Cronin, Bowie, Crocodiles, and that’s just off the top o’ our head.  Lotsa good music to consider…)

We can’t wait.

Stereogum’s Great Bill Doss Compilation Post

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , on October 6, 2012 by johnbuckley100

Noble Stereogum, making an equivalent use of the medium as Bill Doss made of guitars and tape recorders, has just posted an amazing tribute to the late Bill Doss, replete with songs he graced with Olivia Tremor Control, The Sunshine Fix, The Apples In Stereo, and Chocolate USA.  Hell, they practically have the whole Elephant 6 Collective starring in “The Story of Elephant 6’s Bill Doss, Told In 10 Songs.”  In these here parts, it’s Friday night.  Go have a nice weekend listen.  Maybe this will tide us over til the posthumous OTC reunion album gets released.  Thanks, Stereogum.

“Mary Lou” By Black Mountain Is A Free Slab O’ Greasy Boogie

Posted in Music with tags , , on February 18, 2012 by johnbuckley100

Thanks to the band and the good folks at Stereogum, everyone who’s been waitin’ fer Stephen McBean and Co. to return from the wilderness and deliver their next batch of forest-brewed riff rock need not delay a moment more before downloading “Mary Lou”.  Moreover, like The Clash in ’80, Black Mountain know you’re broke, so they are offering up “Mary Lou” for your pleasure for free.  And how is it? It is as gloriously ’70s retro as “Old Fang,” has harmonies that remind us of “Voices,” and takes its own sweet time just the way “Druganaut” did before Black Mountain, trying to help out their neighbors to the south, let that ‘un be used to sell Buicks, which really got that whole GM recovery thing started, leading to the economic recovery, the Obama reelection, and world peace and harmony. Picture us now, poised before our computer, waiting for the checkered flag to drop and the album Year Zero go on sale.  When?  Well, judging by how great “Mary Lou” is, it can’t be soon enough.

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