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Morning After Girls Post Free Dowload, Info On New Album

Posted in Music with tags , on January 23, 2009 by johnbuckley100

The song “Shadows Evolve” is now available for download here:

On the Mercury Lounge website, previewing their show Tuesday night, there’s a write-up that gives us more information on their new album, which would appear to be called Life, Alone, than we have gotten on either their website or MySpace page.   (See below.)

“Shadows Evolve” is pure BJM guitar goodness, with softer vocals.  Good stuff.  Can’t wait for the album.  Also, note below that they declare they will be touring extensively in the US in 2009.

UPDATE: So I wondered why the British version of the album we know as Prelude EPs 1 and 2 was called Shadows Evolve, and of course it is because the song is 4 years old…  So not from the new album.  Though great — so great, one wonders if in its entirety, the new album can live up to the standard set by their first releases.  So far, based on what’s on their website, the answer is yes: great guitar work and song structure, though the vocals seem a little… prettier.  We shall see.

The Morning After Girls
over the past year and a half, the morning after girls have taken the time to reflect upon their journey so far. in this time of fast development, transient communication, and transparent meanings, they felt it was their responsibility to take the time to really contemplate what life, music and basic human existence means for us all today. what resulted from this, is a new album, resting on the creative base of sacha lucashenko and martin b. sleeman. over the past year, the album has journeyed through different times, different places, different relationships, different personalities; all of which are so vital to gaining a complete representation of what it’s like to live through the days of this thing we call “life”. the album was recorded in various parts of melbourne, australia, and was mixed and produced by martin and sacha, with alan moulder at the helm.

in an age where the speed of development is thought to bring people together, it seems that most of us may feel a greater sense of isolation than ever before. technology seeks to connect, but it seems many of us feel a lack of the reality which binds us all; meaningful connections. this is not a new theory by any stretch of the imagination, but, simply, over this past year and a half, the morning after girls have managed to celebrate this very feeling of aloneness by creating an album that is simply an exploration of the very things which makes each one of us truly unique, truly apart from the next, purely, alone.

as was always planned, martin and sacha relocated to new york city in 2008, and with the inclusion of ej hagen (bass guitar), alexander white (keys, sounds, percussion), anthony johnson (drums, percussion) and alexander white (keys, sounds, percussion) , the band will again be touring extensively throughout the usa and abroad in 2009, starting with shows at new york’s mercury lounge (jan 27th), and los angeles’ viper room (jan 29th).

indeed, it is easy to say that Life is a constant flow of beginnings and ends, inhaling and exhaling, rising and passing. well, the morning after girls’ voice remains steady and stronger than always, and as you join them on this journey, you will see that there is not a call, nor text, nor an email that you need to attend to. there is simply the true presentation of the bond between your heart, soul and mind. all binded by the beauty of that which can never be broken – music.
they are here to stay,and are grateful to have you with them.
thank you for joing them.
there is no other way.
thank you.

The Morning After Girls Post New Songs On Their Website

Posted in Music with tags , on January 14, 2009 by johnbuckley100

Unfortunately, there’s no release date set for the album, no reference to a label.

To the music industry: here’s a chance to redeem yourselves.  Sign this band, buy their album, promote them.  They have a following.  And they’re great.

Unfortunately their widget doesn’t load to WordPress, but maybe it will load to your page.

The Morning After Girls Say “Hi”

Posted in Music with tags , , on August 5, 2008 by johnbuckley100

This washed in on the morning’s email tide…

thank you all for your patience. though our silence has been long, it has not gone unnoticed or without due cause. we have made a record we are very pleased with. 

further details will be available in the upcoming weeks-

for now, a small taste…please click here

There’s A New Song By “The Morning After Girls”

Posted in Music with tags on July 24, 2008 by johnbuckley100

The Morning After Girls are showing signs of life.  New song posted on their MySpace pages.  Great guitar sound, high production quality, vocals strong in a Stone Rosey way.  Hey guys — I mean, girls — can we hear some more please?

UPDATE: So “Who Is They” begins with the same ominous noises as an episode of “Lost,” and ends with a controlled version of the orchestral crash of “A Day In The Life.”  In between are pretty harmony vocals, a brightly picked repeating riff  —  think of Noel Gallagher’s guitar intro to “A Bell Will Ring” — that builds gloriously.  There are a lot of late ’80s/early ’90s bands that come to mind — good ones, like House of Love.  Very powerful.  Which means whatever Sacha and the boys, er, Girls have been up to is good.  The sooner they get it out there, the better, for The Morning After Girl’s “Prelude EPs 1 & 2” was no proper debut.  Magnificent sounding, and put together at LP length, two EP’s stitched together does not a freshman outing make.  C’mon, guys — putting “Who Is They” up has tantalized us.  We want more.

Some Morning After Girls Are Now the black ryder

Posted in Music with tags , , , , on April 29, 2008 by johnbuckley100

From the same tipsters that told Tulip Frenzy that Sacha of the Morning After Girls was in New York mastering the band’s new album comes word that Aimee and Scott, having left the MAG, are now in a band called the black ryder.  See links below.  Some good songs on their MySpace page. They sound a lot like the Warlocks, and lo and behold, see who their friends are: the Warlocks, the Dandys, BJM, Spaceman 3, etc.  No album or downloadable songs yet in the States, but watch this space.



It’s The Morning After, Where Are The Morning After Girls?

Posted in Music with tags , , , , , on April 23, 2008 by johnbuckley100

So last night the Broad Street Bullies downed our Caps in game 7 of the Stanley Cup preliminaries.  And let’s not talk about the Pennsylvania primary.  It’s the morning after, but where, oh where are The Morning After Girls?

Their website’s last entry is from June of last year.  There’s a reference to a new album, but where is it? Where are they?

Based on the only music released stateside, the spectacular “Prelude EPs 1&2,” here’s what we know.  They’re not girls, they’re (mostly) boys, they live in Sidney, and sonic data reveals that for them, it’s always New Years Morning 1990 — or maybe 1996.  We hear references to the Pixies, the Stone Roses, the Charlatans U.K., the Brian Jonestown Massacre, and the Dandys.  Pretty good company to keep. 

It’s time they resurfaced.  Please don’t post a note telling me they’ve broken up.  Or plunged off that bridge into Sydney Harbor.  Or were eaten by wallabies.  I couldn’t take it.  Not on this morning after.

UPDATE:  See comment below.  The Morning After Girls are sufficiently alive and well to be finishing up a new album.  Tulip Frenzy asks, and get answers… Yippee. 


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